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Version 1 - Green Information and Decision Sciences 355 Spring, 2006 Name_______________________________________ UIN __________________________________ Lecture Section _______________________________ Lab/Discussion Section _________________________ First Midterm Please do not open this test booklet until instructed to do so On Your scantron sheet under column K of “Special Codes” enter your lab TA code. Call Day Start TA TA Code Number Time 16711 Mon 3:30 Shweta Sangal 1 16712 Mon 5:00 Shweta Sangal 1 16714 Tues 3:30 Christina Outlay 2 16713 Tues 5:00 Christina Outlay 2 16716 Wed 3:30 Vidya Kailash 3 16717 Wed 5:00 Shweta Sangal 1 16715 Thurs 3:30 Vidya Kailash 3 16718 Thurs 5:00 VIdya Kailash 3 16719 Fri 1:00 Christina Outlay 2 Under column L of “Special Codes” write and code a “1” if your test color is green , a “2” if your test color is yellow, a “ 3 if your test color is blue , a “ 4 ” if your test color is white . Also write the color of your test booklet on the bottom right hand corner of of your scantron. The test consists of 34 multiple-choice questions (6 points each). Circle the best choice for each question on the exam booklet and fill in the bubble on the scantron sheet. Be sure that your answers on the scantron sheet are the same as in your exam booklet. For this exam you may use your one 3x5 card, pen or pencil, and your calculator. No sharing. All other materials should be put away. Look over the exam before you start writing. Pace yourself as you go through the questions. At the end of the exam period, you will be expected to turn in the complete test booklet and your scantron sheet. IDS 355 1st Midterm Spring, 2006 Page 1 of 8
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Version 1 - Green 1. A reason for the importance of capacity decisions is that capacity: a) is a long-term commitment of resources b) is a major determinant of initial costs c) affects operating costs d) limits the rate of output possible e) all of the above 2. The most specific and detailed plans and decision making in an organization are used for carrying out: a) operations b) goals c) tactics d) mission e) strategies 3. Which of the following is least likely to be a community factor in location decisions? a) labor b) quality of life c) location of raw materials or supplies d) utilities e) taxes 4. The finance function in a business is associated with all of the following except: a) providing funds for operations b) budgeting c) analyzing investment proposals d) securing financial resources e) assessing consumer wants and needs 5. The special attributes or abilities that give an organization its competitive edge are called: a) quality assurance b) distinctive competencies c) flexible operations
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ids355mid1_v1green[1].final - Version 1 - Green Information...

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