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Usman Kothawala Economics 350 2. Explain briefly why the men and women’s payout for tennis is roughly equal (winner for men at Wimbledon this year earn $1.17 million while the women earn $1.11 million), while the payout for golf is unequal (men’s winner earns 1.4 million while women’s winner warns $120 thousand) Ans: Men’s and women’s tennis are equal in popularity, but men’s golf is much more popular than women’s golf. Why is there a big difference? It is much harder for women to succeed in this sport because of the small amounts of payout. The big name sponsors should start getting more involved in the LPGA and giving out higher purses, if there was a larger payout, it would lead to a higher desire to win, more competition and giving the audiences a better display, creating a more exciting sport to view. Another factor could
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Unformatted text preview: also be the audience itself. The public, you and I, are not as interested in watching women play golf as men. If the public was, ratings would be the same, attendance would be the same and purses would be the same. 3. Explain the mechanics and the reasoning behind the reverse order draft and the lottery system for the NBA. Does the NFL have a similar system? Explain. I got the 2 nd part of the answer wrong. Answer: No, NFL does not have a lottery. The NFL uses the reverse-order draft system (where the previous season's worst team has the first pick and the Super Bowl winner has the last pick). Based on the conversation we had regarding a grade change on question 5, this is a reminder to recheck question 4 and 5. I have sufficient working and accurate answers for question 5 but it was accidentally overlooked....
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