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CHM 131 - Exam3 - 2004

CHM 131 - Exam3 - 2004 - ROCHESTER 18 November 2004...

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Chemistry 131 – Preliminary Exam III 18 November 2004 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Name: ________________________ ID #: ________________________ Workshop Meeting Time (day and hour) ________________________ (2 pts. Extra credit) This exam consists of six (6) questions, one extra credit problem, and 2 pages of potentially useful information. Please check BEFORE you begin to make sure that you have a complete exam. Please do all your work on the pages provided. You may use the backside of pages for additional work, but please tell us that you are doing so (i.e. an arrow with a note in clear English saying "more work on back"). SHOW ALL WORK . GIVE UNITS for all answers that require them. Partial credit can only be given for those answers for which work is provided. CIRCLE YOUR ANSWER. We ask this so that we don't have to interpret what you intended as your final answer. If you make any 5% approximations you will not receive credit if the approximation is not valid. Also if you need to use the quadratic formula, you need to SET UP THE CALCULATION and INSERT THE RELEVANT NUMBERS INTO THE FORMULA . Credit will not be given for answers that appear out of nowhere due to a fancy calculator. GOOD LUCK! Prob. W.S. 1(30) 2(20) 3(25) 4(25) 5(25) 6(25) E.C.(5) Total Score ROCHESTER U N I V E R S I T Y O F University of Rochester Rochester, New York 14627-0216 COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY
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1) Solid sodium bicarbonate in a closed vessel establishes the following equilibrium at 1000 K: Heat + 2NaHCO 3 ( s ) Na 2 CO 3 ( s ) + H 2 O ( g ) + CO 2 ( g ) a) (3 pts.) Circle which way the equilibrium position would shift if CO 2 were removed. LEFT RIGHT NO CHANGE NOT ENOUGH INFORMATION b) (3 pts.) Circle which way the equilibrium position would shift if solid Na 2 CO 3 were removed.
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