CHM 132 - Exam 1 - 2006

CHM 132 - Exam 1 - 2006 - Chemistry 132 Hour Examination 1...

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Chemistry 132 Hour Examination 1 February 16, 2006 Name ( PRINT) ______ SOLUTIONS __________ Student number____________________________ Workshop Leader___________________________ There are four questions on this exam. You have up to 80 minutes to work this exam. Please be sure that you have a complete exam package. Please work exam problems on the pages provided. You will receive maximum credit for each problem if: You work neatly You show your work You circle your answers You indicate proper units If you need additional space to complete a problem, please tell us where to look for your solution. Total (130 points) Score 1. (30 points)_____________ 2. (35 points)_____________ 3. (30 points)_____________ 4. (35 points)_____________
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2 Name______________________________ 1. (30 points) You are operating a mobile lab for the United Nations in the Middle East and you come upon a cache of material that appears to be a high explosive. The only tool you have at your disposal is a bomb calorimeter (no pun intended), and you wish to determine whether the explosive is RDX (C 3 H 6 N 6 O 6 , MW = 222) or TNT (C 7 H 5 N 3 O 6 , MW=227) The known enthalpy of combustion of RDX is –2120 kJ/mol and that for TNT is –3410 kJ/mol. The calibration constant for your calorimeter is 17000 J/ K. You very carefully place a 1.00 g sample of the unknown explosive in the calorimeter and allow it to undergo combustion. For these reactions, you may assume E H, i.e., close enough for Government work. a)
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CHM 132 - Exam 1 - 2006 - Chemistry 132 Hour Examination 1...

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