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CHM 132 - Exam 1 - 2005

CHM 132 - Exam 1 - 2005 - Chemistry 132 Hour Examination 1...

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Chemistry 132 Hour Examination 1 February 10, 2005 Name ( PRINT) ___________________________ Student number____________________________ Workshop Leader___________________________ There are four questions on this exam. You have up to 90 minutes to work this exam. Please be sure that you have a complete exam package. Please work exam problems on the pages provided. Show your work neatly and circle your answers. Give units for all answers requiring them. If you need additional space to complete a problem, please tell us where to look for your solution. Total (130 points) Score 1. (35 points)_____________ 2. (30 points)_____________ 3. (35 points)_____________ 4. (30 points)_____________
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2 Name______________________________ 1. (35 points) Dr. Wing Tsang, head of the Thermochemistry Division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), brings you a sample of a waxy substance, which he says has a formula of C 20 H 18 . He says that he needs a measurement of the enthalpy of formation of this substance. In a constant volume calorimeter, you carry out the combustion of 1.00 g of this material to CO 2 ( g ) and H 2 O( l ). Atomic masses: H = 1, C = 12, O = 16. a) (5 points) Write the balanced chemical reaction corresponding to this combustion process. b) (18 points) The heat capacity of the calorimeter and its contents is 18,750 J deg -1 . When the combustion reaction is carried out, the temperature of the calorimeter is observed to rise 2.186 ° C. Use this information to calculate E ° for the combustion of the compound.
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CHM 132 - Exam 1 - 2005 - Chemistry 132 Hour Examination 1...

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