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HW #1 part 2 - 6 and 16 is approximately a 68 b 95 c 81.5 d...

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Neil Mahoney Part 2 (25 points): Answer the following Multiple choice questions. (5 point each) 1. Which of the following statements are not correct? a) The most useful measures of variability are based on deviations from the mean. b) The empirical rule applies to any distributions. c) The sum of (X - X) will always be zero. d) For distributions that are bell-shaped and symmetric, about 68% of the observations will fall within one standard deviation of the mean. e) The vertical line within the box in the box-and-whisker plot represents the median. 2. If a distribution is bell shaped with the mean 12 and standard deviation 2 then the Percentage of observations between
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Unformatted text preview: 6 and 16 is approximately a) 68% b) 95% c) 81.5% d) 83.85% e) None of the above, my answer is ________________ 3. The most appropriate chart for finding shape of the distribution is: a) Histogram b) Box-Whisker Plot c) Bar Chart d) Scatter Plot (Plot of Y vs. X) e) None of the above 4. Which of the following Summary measures cannot be easily approximated from Histogram? a) The Mean b) The Interquartile Range c) The Second Quartile d) The Standard deviation e) All of the above 5. Compared to the range of a population, the range of sample is a) Equal or larger b) Equal or smaller c) Equal d) Can be larger or smaller or equal...
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