Cities Assignment 3

Cities Assignment 3 - country as well as the need to jump...

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Kevin Easton Professor Vancura Cities 4/11/08 Cities Assignment 3 When gauging the amount of economical success a country is experiencing, it is often good to look at how well the middle class is doing in that country. In Peru, the middle class has become almost completely non-existant, and this did not bode well at all for the rest of the country's economy. As a result, the president of Peru, Alejandro Toledo, has decided that the country will be entering a transitional period in an effort to build back up Peru's struggling middle class as well as strengthen it. According to the government's new strategy, they will be implementing wage increases in the public and private sectors as well as a possible tax mechanism that will allow the increase in wages. In addition to the wage increases and new tax mechanism, Toledo also hopes that a new housing plan will be designed to further strengthen the middle class. This article discusses how important the welfare of the middle class is to the growth of a
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Unformatted text preview: country as well as the need to jump start the middle class if it is too small or struggling mightily. A country with a deprived middle class, much like Peru's, isn't as likely to be doing very well economically in comparison to a country with a well-off middle class. This is so because it is the middle class that purchases many of the consumer goods out there on the market, and if the middle class isn't buying these items then the economy will not prosper as it could. Therefore President Toledo has the correct idea to establish and fortify his country's middle class so that the rest of his country can progress. Citation: "Toledo Discusses Plan to Reconstruct Middle Class." La Republica 01 May 2003. News Bank. Rutgers Library, Piscataway. 11 Apr. 2008 < p_product=AWNB&p_theme=aggregated5&p_action=doc&p_docid=10264F09F18C44F 4&d_place=WPER&f_subsection=sLATIN+AMERICA&f_issue=2003-05-01&f_publisher=>....
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Cities Assignment 3 - country as well as the need to jump...

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