Cities Exam 3 Study Guide

Cities Exam 3 Study Guide - Cities Exam 3 Study Guide...

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Definitions and Concepts Mega City: A giant metropolis with a population of at least 7 million by the year 2000. Become a Mega City through population growth World/Global City: A city in which a disproportionate part of the world’s most important business is conducted; a focal point or command centre for the organization of the global economy. Become a World City through the strength of your economy. Modernization: A process of social change resulting from the diffusion of the characteristics of advanced societies and their adoption by less advanced societies. Dependency: A relationship between two or more societies which implies that the ability of a society to survive and reproduce itself derives, in large part, from its links with other dominant imperialist societies. World Systems Theory: Views the world as a single entity, the capitalist world economy, and considers that the study of social change cannot proceed country by country but must incorporate the whole world system. Global Commodity Chain: Discusses how raw materials go through a process in their journey to the consumer. Post-Fordism is a more modern form of how the Global Community Chain operates and functions. Colonialism: The establishment and maintenance of rule, for an extended period of time, by a sovereign power over a subordinate and alien people that is separate from the ruling power. Development: Uneven Development: A systematic process of economic and social development that is uneven in space and time, which is integral to the capitalist development process, as capitalists search for the point of maximum profit. Uneven development is evident at all geographic scales. Common Interest Development: A residential development planned and marketed as a spatially segregated environment. A gated community. Prestige Community: rich, very nice community with up-scale residents. Lifestyle Community: model it after another place. Orange County, China modeled after Orange County, California. Security Zone Community:
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Cities Exam 3 Study Guide - Cities Exam 3 Study Guide...

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