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Jefferson State Community College Center for Health and Biological Sciences Nursing Education Program Pathology Research Name: ______________________________________________ Date: ____________ Patient Initials: __________________ Room #: ______________ Diagnosis: ______________________________________________________________ 1. Discuss the pathological process involved in this diagnosis. 2. Identify any cultural or demographic data associated with the diagnosis. 3. Impact on healthcare economics related to etiology and incidence. 4. What are the usual clinical manifestations associated with this diagnosis? 5. What clinical manifestations are associated with your patient’s condition?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. How is this pathological process usually diagnosed? What test did your patient have? Are there any specific tests the nurse should continue to monitor to assess the patients progress of this condition? 7. Describe the usual medical and/or surgical interventions associated with this diagnosis. 8. Is there a secondary diagnosis associated with this primary diagnosis? If so, what is it? 9. Does your patients condition reflect a secondary diagnosis? If so, discuss the relationship between the two....
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