Book Test Review - Managing The Emerging Venture"How To Win...

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Managing The Emerging Venture Book Test Review The Greatest Business Secret in the World Customers alone make it possible for you to earn your livelihood in the way that you do. Treat them well and satisfied customers will be your best source of advertising and marketing. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking buildings and machinery are the companys greatest assets, the customers are the companys greatest assets Every behavior has consequences Future behavior depends largely on the consequences. If the consequences are rewarding, the odds are great that the behavior will be repeated. The more the customer feels rewarded, the greater the odds that he will continue to be your customer. The less he is rewarded, the greater the odds are that he will not repeat his behavior. In short, winning and keeping customers depends on rewarding people for being customers. Fancy sales pitches, high powered market strategies, and clever advertising can be very important attention getters. The rewarded customer buys, multiplies, and comes back. Dan Scoggin-TGI Fridays The success syndrome- success gets to your head. Sooner or later attacks almost every business and if not corrected, goes through three predictable stages: o Stage 1 - open the doors for first time and everyone is scared. What if it goes belly up. Failure is out of the question. o Stage 2 - business is open for several months and your efforts to reward customers are paying off. The success syndrome has taken place o Stage 3- your quality of service and performance has slipped and you’re the last one to know. Sales begin to plummet and customers just aren’t coming back. If left uncorrected, this final stage is terminal. When we think of success in business, most of us think in dollars, statistics, facts, and figures. Yet all those measures of success are determined by the behavior of customers and the employees who serve them. Reward customers and youll create and keep them. Better Than Selling Porter Stevens Mens Wear- Fred was the best selling rep because he valued the customer more than the sale. Three key approaches: o The most important goal of any employee, including salespersons, is to
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create and keep customers. o Theres a big difference between selling and helping people to buy. This approach is much less stressful for both the buyer and the seller. o People love to buy but hate to be sold. Did someone sell the car to you, no, you bought it!! We gladly take credit for the purchases we are proudest of, but are quick to blame the seller when we feel short- changed. o Why would so many people who want to make a lot of money pass up the highest paying profession in the world? Its simple. They thinking of selling as a stressful, unpleasant, manipulative, arm-twisting activity and want no part of it. o
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Book Test Review - Managing The Emerging Venture"How To Win...

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