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Review for History Test Trans-Appalachian Region - As British were forced to find new lands because of problems in the west, they settles on a new territory called the Trans-Appalachian Region. This region was placed in the hands of British General “Sir Jeffrey Amherst”. Sir Jeffrey Amherst -A British General in charge of the Trans-Appalachian Region. He wanted to make a name or himself by saving money and so he decided to bring the old tradition of supplying Indians with supplies in exchange for peace and assistance against their mutual enemies to a halt. Indians were outraged. Chief Pontiac- A leader among the Indians from an Ottawa tribe, brought by British to be head chief. Under Chief Pontiac, a confederation of Indians staged a series of Attacks on British Forts on May 1763. Most successful uprising of that era Gave an important speech War spread to Great Lakes One accepting peace terms, many turned against him He was vanished from tribe and later murdered Lead to Proclamation Line of 1763 Pontiacs Rebellion-2000 settlers in this battle before they were able to defeat Chief Pontiac. Soon Pontiac made peace with British Proclamation Line of 1763- An imaginary line the length of the Appalachian mountains that forbid any Europeans from settling West of this line Designed to provide a border between the whites and the Indians and hopefully avoid future conflicts. Provoked anger against British, Daniel Boone came around it. Two Penny Acts(1755 and 1758)- Virginia needed more money when war started so it raised money through these acts. Since Anglican Ministers were basically English gov’t officials, they were paid salaries raised by colonies. The tax-supported salaries were calculated in pounds of tobacco. o Price of tobacco went up so ministers were paid in mainly money now. o This reduced Anglican ministers salaries and provided money for Virginia to pay its debts. o The act was later petitioned by ministers and King Vetoed the two penny acts. Patrick Henry- Defense lawyer whose defense of Virginia was that the king had no right to Veto a law passed by the colonists. – King vetoed more laws over time which led to the French/Indian War. Writs of Assistance- A legal document that serves as a general search warrant. o Used to search for smuggling goods. o James Otis responsible for issuing the writs of assistance, but couldn’t do it and quit. o This led to Independence Revenue Act of 1764- Parliaments 1 st attempt to raise money from colonial trade, not just regulate it. Colonists believed that this act violated English legal tradition that gov’t couldn’t impose taxes without representation from Parliament. Added new taxes Quartering Acts- Another attempt to pass along the cost of colonial defense. o
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History Review - Review for History Test Trans-Appalachian...

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