Biology 118-chapter 10

Biology 118-chapter 10 - Biology 118-chapter 10...

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Biology 118-chapter 10 photosynthesis: Autotrophs : make own food Heterotrophs : depend on others for food. 2 distinct rxns: 1) light rxn: produce O2 from H2O. 2) light-independent rxn: -CO2 reduced to make carbonhydrate even in the dark. -electrons are released in the light rxn and transfer NADP+ to form NADPH. (an electron carrier similar to NADH –cellular respiration) -ATP is also made by light rxn. -the NADPH/ ATP are used in the reduction of CO2 in the Calvin Cycle. Where does photosynthesis occur? -photosynthesis occurs in the chloroplast of green plant -chloroplast like mitochondria, 1) grow/divide independently 2) double membrane 3) contain chloroplast +DNA 4) contain everything required for photosynthesis. -inside chloroplast are vesicle like structures: thylakoids . Lumen : space inside a thylakoid Stroma: fluid fill space b/tw thylakoid and inner membrane. The thylakoid membrane of choloplast contains the pigment chlorophyll. *chlorophyll absorbs blue and red light, transmit green light. -the electron-magnetic spectrum is the range of wavelenth of electromagnetic radiation. -shorter wavelength—higher energy (blue/violet) -longer wavelength—lower energy (red). How does chlorophyll capture light energy? -packets of light are called photons –has specific amount of energy -chlorophyll can absorb photons. The major leave pigments: - Chlorophyll (A and B): absorbs red/blue light, transmit green light - Carotenoids : absorbs blue and green light , transmit yellow, orange/red light. 1) -absorb wavelength of light not absorbed by chlorophyll and pass on to chlorophyll (transfer the energy) 2) –expand the range of light. 3) also stabilizes the free radical produced by electromagnetic radiation,
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Biology 118-chapter 10 - Biology 118-chapter 10...

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