Bio 118-chapter 8

Bio 118-chapter 8 - Bio 118-Chapter 8 Cell-cell interaction...

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Bio 118-Chapter 8: Cell-cell interaction How do they interact with their environment? -Integral membrane protein in the membrane - Tran membrane protein: span the membrane - Peripheral proteins: associated with the membrane. - some of these proteins are attached to the cytoskeleton within the cell and/ or to materials outside the cell. What’s outside the Plant cell? - the plant cell produce a primary cell wall of long strands cellulose bundle into microfibril filaments. - these form a crisscrossed network - the network is filled with pectin, a gelatinous polysaccharide. - one of the functions of the plant cell wall - counteract the turgor pressure in plant cells -cells have high solute concentration - water tends to enter the cell (Osmosis) Turgor Pressure: -the outward pressure exerted by the fluid contents of a plant cell against the cell wall. What’s outside the animal cells? -animal cells secret an ECM (Extracellular Matrix) -consist of gelatinous polysaccharide as ground substance of protein fibers. ECM protein fibers: Collagen: elastic, long fixable fiber made of three chains that wind around each other. -Fibronectin- another important ECM protein Function: structural support/ stick cells together Cell interactions with ECM: Intergins: -Trans-membrane protein -bind to protein (inside the cell) that connect to actin filaments. -bind to ECM proteins on the outside of the cell
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Bio 118-chapter 8 - Bio 118-Chapter 8 Cell-cell interaction...

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