Biology 118 �chapter 1

Biology 118 �chapter 1 - Biology 118 chapter 1 A...

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Biology 118 –chapter 1 A theory - is an explanation for a very general class of phenomena or observations. A cell- is defined as a highly organized compartment that is bounded by a thin flexible structure (plasma). Most scientific theories have two components : 1) Describes a pattern in the natural world. 2) Identifies a mechanism or process that is responsible for creating the pattern. Hypothesis : proposed explanation. The cell theory : All organisms are made of cells and all cells come from pre-existing cells. Spontaneous generation? The theory of evolution by natural selection: Two important claims: 1) Species are related by common ancestry. 2) Characteristics of species can be modified from generation to generation. Evolution: species are not independent and unchanging entities, but related to one another/ can change over time. Natural selection : occurs whenever 2 conditions are met. 1)
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Biology 118 �chapter 1 - Biology 118 chapter 1 A...

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