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1 Astro 102/104 1 Lecture #8: Astronomical Instruments Astronomical Instruments: – Optics: Lenses and Mirrors. – Detectors. – Ground Based Telescopes: Optical, Infrared, and Radio. – Space Based Telescopes. – Spacecraft Missions. Astro 102/104 3 The Main Point Astronomers are constantly trying to maximize the resolution of their observations, but there are fundamental limits because of wavelength, telescope size, and the blurring effects of our atmosphere. Astro 102/104 4 Some Basics Astronomers rely on instruments that collect , magnify, and/or disperse light. How much light can be collected is determined by the aperture of the collecting instrument. A combination of lenses or mirrors are used to focus light onto a detector. Dispersion is obtained using a prism or grating. Detectors include photographic plates, photo- sensitive resistors, and silicon semiconductors. Astro 102/104 5 Familiar Optics Telescopes operate on the same principles as your eyes.
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