Study guide for exam 2

Study guide for exam 2 - What similar challenges do they...

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Study tips for exam 2 Make your lecture notes your primary exam study aide. Read the assigned chapters your textbook as reinforcement for what you learned in lecture. Be familiar with all the terms in the textbook for chapters 5 and 14 Pay particular attention to the textbook’s maps and graphics and the general patterns they convey. Some questions from the guest lectures by Russell Fielding and Amy Potter will be on the exam. Review basic concepts of latitude and longitude as presented in the introductory material for this course. Concepts of the equator, tropics, Arctic and Antarctic Circles, poles, Prime Meridian, and International Dateline are utilized in each region we study. Be familiar with ways to interpret climographs. Compare and contrast the two island regions covered in Chapters 5 and 14.
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Unformatted text preview: What similar challenges do they face? How are the two regions different from a human geography perspective? • What is the basis of the economy of each region? • What are the positive and negative aspects of tourism as the basis of an economy? • What are the significant issues facing each of these regions? • What has been the impact of colonialism on these island regions? Chapter 5 Key Terms: Brain drain Capital leakage Chain migration Circular migration Diaspora Greater Antilles Houseyards Hurricanes Isolated proximity Lesser Antilles Maroons Mono-crop production Monroe Doctrine Neocolonialism Offshore banking Remittances Rimland Transnationalism Chapter 14 Key Terms Aborigine Archipelagos Atoll Maori Melanesia Micronesia Oceania Outback Polynesia Tsunamis viticulture...
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Study guide for exam 2 - What similar challenges do they...

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