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Unformatted text preview: Education Accountability: Making the Grades Noel Hammatt 05/12/09 EDCI 1000 1 Standards for K-12 Education Standards are expectations for teaching and for learning What is to be taught? When is it to be taught? To what level is it to be taught? Provide guidelines for testing 05/12/09 EDCI 1000 2 Progress No Child Left Behind (NCLB) requires all states to have a testing and standards-based system in place. Testing is driving the standards States are developing from general standards: To Specific Benchmarks To Grade-Level Expectations (GLEs) To Testing for the Benchmarks 05/12/09 EDCI 1000 3 Standards: Citizenship Students develop an understanding of the structure and purposes of government, the foundations of the American democratic system, and the role of the United States in the world, while learning about the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. 05/12/09 EDCI 1000 4 Benchmark Example C-1A-E6 explaining how officials in government acquire the authority to exercise political power "C" stands for Civics "strand" "A" is for the first sub-group under civics which concerns the structure of government 05/12/09 EDCI 1000 5 Grade-Level Expectation (GLE) Identify the means by which individuals become U.S. citizens (C-1D-E2) (Fourth Grade-Louisiana) 05/12/09 EDCI 1000 6 Curriculum Alignment Ensuring that is taught = what is in the standards Uses curriculum frameworks Uses appropriate GLEs What is taught = what is tested 05/12/09 EDCI 1000 7 Assessments For Teachers Pedagogy & Content Testing For Students High Stakes-Gateway Group Accountability School Accountability Required Scores For PromotionsNo More Social Promotions Exit Exams EDCI 1000 8 05/12/09 Test-Besting Teaching to the Test Nature of testing Test-Prep "How to" Tests can Hijack teaching Teaching guided by testing 05/12/09 EDCI 1000 9 Curriculum Latin, course, from currere, to run. Today: "course to be run" or "running of the course" courses expectations 05/12/09 EDCI 1000 10 Types of Curricula Explicit Curriculum Official or formal, explicit Hidden Curriculum Implicit Null Curriculum Intellectual voids Extra-curriculum Usually outside the "academic" curriculum 05/12/09 EDCI 1000 11 Some Curriculum Issues Reading Whole Language Phonics Multi-Cultural Curriculum Infusion Character Education Developmental learning Service Learning 05/12/09 EDCI 1000 12 Other Curriculum Issues Bloom's Taxonomy Evaluation Synthesis Analysis Application Comprehension Knowledge 05/12/09 EDCI 1000 13 ...
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