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Study guide for exam 1 Familiarize yourself with - What longitude and latitude measure and how their values determine a position  on the Earth. - What a climagraph is and what information it relates. - The ongoing environmental issues in Europe and the Russian Domain. - The most common natural hazards across the regions. - ------The general locations of countries and major bodies of water.  - The history of the Berlin Wall. - The significance of the Cold War. - The history of the Industrial Revolution and its lasting impact on the modern  global economy. - General aspects of the European Union. - Demographic characteristics of Europe and the Russian Domain and how to  interpret a population pyramid. - Linguistic and religious patterns. - How the changing shape of a population pyramid relates information about  demographic trends.  - Locations of places discussed in class, shown in videos, or pointed out in Google 
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Unformatted text preview: Earth.-Summary of human geography issues for both regions. Tips: Make your lecture notes your primary exam study aide. Read the assigned chapters in your textbook carefully, thinking about how the information in the text fits with what was discussed in lecture. Pay particular attention to the textbooks maps and graphics and the general patterns they convey. Think about the general themes in the video clips shown in class, and consider how these clips relate to the material in your textbook and in the lectures. Study the key terms in bold in your textbook. Review major current events from Europe and the Russian Domain that you have noticed from keeping up with the news this semester. As you study, think like a geographer: observe, synthesize, then relate to general themes in human geography....
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