Mental Health - Therapeutic Communication

Mental Health - Therapeutic Communication - than the...

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Theraputic & Non-Theraputic Communication
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C: "I feel like I'm dying" N: "how can you feel that way when your pulse is 60". ... C: "I feel my husband doesn't love me" N: "ho can you say that when he visits you everyday?" Challenging (NT example) Probing (NT) Asking for information chiefly out of curiosity rather than with the intent to assist the client. Considered Prying. Often include "why". C: "I was speeding and didn't see the stop sign" N "Why were you speeding?". ... C: "I didn't ask the doctor" N:" Why didn't you ask him when he was here?" Probing (NT example) Testing (NT) Asking questions that make the client admit to something. These responses permit the client only limited answers and often meet the nurse's needs rather
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Unformatted text preview: than the client's. "Do you think I'm not busy?" (forces client to admit the nurse reallyis busy. Testing (NT example) Rejecting (NT) Refusing to discuss certain topics with the client. . These responses often make clients feel the nurse is rejecting the client in addition to the conversation. "I don't want to discuss that, let's talk about. ...." or "I can't talk now I'm on the way too my coffee break" Rejecting (NT example) Changing Topic(NT) Directing the communication into areas of self-interest rather than considering the client's concerns. Often a self-protecting response to the topic that causes the nurse to experience anxiety. C: "I'm separated from my wife. Do you think I should have sex...
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Mental Health - Therapeutic Communication - than the...

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