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2/6/2008 1 Lecture #9: Solar System Survey I Categorizing the Planets. Overview Planetary Surfaces and Interiors: Density and Interior Composition Structure Astro 102/104 1 – Density and Interior Composition, Structure. – Planetary Surface Processes. Dating Planetary Surfaces: – Relative Dating: Counting Craters. – Absolute Dating: Radioactive Decay. Wed Feb 13 In In-class exam #1! class exam #1! Have you read and signed the ground rules? Special accommodations? Cl d b k i d d t k Astro 102/104 3 Closed book, independent work. Code of academic integrity will be strictly enforced. No electronic equipment allowed. Numerical values of fundamental constants provided. Memorize the Earth’s diameter and Earth Memorize the Earth’s diameter and Earth-Sun distance! Sun distance! The Main Point Planetary Surfaces are modified by f j Astro 102/104 4 four major processes: impacts, volcanism, tectonism, and erosion. It is convenient and appropriate to divide the 8 planets into two classes: – Inner Planets: Planetary Categories Astro 102/104 5 Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars. "Terrestrial" or Earthlike worlds. – Outer Planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus Neptune. "Jovian" or Giant planets.
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