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Unformatted text preview: Leiomyomas Leiomyomas Clinical manifestations Management of care Uterine Artery Embolization Preoperative Teaching Nursing During UAE 0. Slo w gro wing beni gn tum ors 1. Cau se is unk now n 2. Pred ispo sing risk fact ors: nulliparity obesity African American ethnicity genetic predisposition 0. The se are fibro 3. May be asymptom atic 4. Abnormal uterine bleeding is the most common symptom 5. Urinary frequency and retention 6. Chronic pelvic pain and bloating 7. Low back pain 8. Dysmenorr hea 9. Dyspareuni a 10. Abdominal mass if the tumor is large 11. Anemia secondary to bleeding 14. Goals 18. Uterine of care artery are to embolizat reduce ion the (UAE) sympto 19. Treatmen ms and t where reduce polyvinyl the alcohol tumor (PVA) size pellets 15. Regular are checku injected ps may into suffice selected for mild blood sympto vessels ms 20. Block the 16. Drug blood therapy supply to 17. Surgica the l fibroid manag 21. Causes ement shrinkag Luprone or centophil.. e and put them in menopausal resolutio state.. grh agonist n of s.e. osteoporosis. Only short term therapy symptom recommended. s Progestin antagonist. Pellets in the femoral Mifepristone- long term 25. Do not drink alcohol or smoke 26. Do not take ASA or anti coagulants for 24 hours prior to procedure 27. May have pelvic pain, fever, malaise, and nausea and vomiting 28. Assess pain level 29. Pain may be controlled with a patient controlled analgesia pump 30. Check for bleeding in the groin 31. Frequent vital signs 32. Monitor pedal pulse and neurovas cular condition of the affected leg ids.. they are dep end ant on estr oge n. Can gro w as larg e as a bask etba ll. Arise from muscle tissue but they are benign.. the risk decreases once estrogen decreases. Look for a picture of fibroid tumors 12. Menorrhagi a heavy periods, can cause you to bc anemic 13. Pedunculat ed tumors can twist and become necrotic causing pain use isn't recommended.. can caused endometrial hyperplasia. Surgical manmyoectomy- only removing fibroid.. or hysterectomy. artery.. same things for heart cath Bedrest... pulses monitor, check site for bleeding. Done under conscious sed and local anesthesia. 50% can reoccur UAE 22. Arteriogr am identifies the vessels supplying the fibroid 23. Expect cramping during injection of the PVA 24. Tempora ry amenorrh ea or early menopau se can occur ...
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