Mental Health 1 - new coping skills Behavior Therapy a mode...

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~ Mental Health/Psych ~
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Boundaries provide structure to define the work, goals, and time frame. Maintain inter-personal relationship between client and nurse. Client knows his/her responsibilities. Safe environment non-threatening; Lets client know it is o to express their feelings. Trusting environment consistency between words&actions;(follow through with promises&what you say) What is the nurse's role in the Milieu Environment? to provide&manage a structured environment;set the tone of the uint&see that the guidelines are upheld;serve as an emotional sounding board(open to listening);support client's privacy&autonomy;model supportive&respectful behavior;teach&model coping skills Therapeutic Milieu is designed to meet what? the emotional&interpersonal needs of the pt;Encourage pt participation;it helps control problematic behaviors&assist pt in developing
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Unformatted text preview: new coping skills. Behavior Therapy a mode of tx that focuses on modifying observable&at least in principle,quantifiable behavior by means of systemic manipulation of the environment&variable thought to be functionally related to the behavior;precise approach in behavioral change. Ivan Pavlov person who stated that learning, or behavioral change, occurs bc of experiences that over time result in conditioned response learning or classical conditioning. Treatment __ modifies behavior by manipulating the environment. Pavlov's theory of conditioning theory which states that a stimulus elicits a response(eg. a red delicious apple will stimulate one's salivary glands). Skinner's Theory of theory that states that the results of a person's behavior determines whether the behavior will recur in the future.(a child is permitted to stay...
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Mental Health 1 - new coping skills Behavior Therapy a mode...

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