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Q&A Perioperative - Physiological stress...

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Peri-operative Nursing 1
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Question Answer What are the 2 degrees of surgery urgency? Emergency and Elective What are the 5 types of surgery? diagnostic, curative, restorative, palliative, cosmetic What is diagnostic surgery? surgery used to obtain or form a diagnosis. Ex: Biopsy What is cosmetic surgery? surgery done to revise or change the texture, configuration, or relationship of contiguous structures of any feature of the human body. What is palliative surgery? surgery for the relief of symptoms or improvement in quality of life; usually in patients with an incurable disease or illness What is curative surgery? surgery designed to eliminate a health problem; ex: removal of a tumor What is restorative surgery? surgery done where the purpose is to restore function What are the 2 types of stressors involved with surgery?
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Unformatted text preview: Physiological stress response (flight or fight) and the Psychologic stress response What are the 3 stages of surgery? Preoperative, Intraoperative, and Postoperative What are the 8 major factors affecting surgical risk? Age, Nutrition, Infection, Chronic disease, Alcohol or Drug Abuse, Medications, Disability, and Smoking What are the 3 main things performed during the preoperative assessment? 1) identify and correct problems that might increase surgical risks 2) establish baseline data for comparison in intra- and post-operative phases 3) anticipate postop complications What are the 5 parts of Pre-op nursing management? 1) Pre-op teaching 2) Informed consent 3) Psychological preperation 4) Physical preperation 5) Immediate preoperative nursing interventions 1) setting goals to decrease anxiety and facilitate recovery 2) 2 3...
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Q&A Perioperative - Physiological stress...

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