5-2-06 last test review

5-2-06 last test review - Tuesday, May 02, 2006 Sociology...

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006 – Sociology Test 5 review 1. Gender Role is the set of behaviors associated with widely shared expectations about how males and females are supposed to act. PAGE 260 2. Which school of thought sees gender differences as a reflection of biological differences between men and women? PAGE 261 a. Essentialism, social constructionism, functionalism, femenism 3. and suggest that “universal features of our evolved selves” contribute to the survival of the human species PAGE 262 a. essentialists; social constructionists b. sociobiologists; evolutionary psychologists c. evolutionary psych; social constructionists d. sociobiologists; feminists 4. Which is a critique of essentialism PAGE 262-263 a. Ignore the historical and cultural variability of gender and sexuality b. Tends to generalize from the average, ignoring variabtions within gender groups c. Essentialismts explinations for gender differences ignore the role of power d. ALL OF THE ABOVE 5. Barry Thornes research indicates that: a. Children are actively engaged in the process of constructiong gender roles b. Because men compete with men for sexual access to women, men evolve competitive, aggressive dispositions c. The very idea of gender needs to be changed to bring and end to male domination d. All of the above 6. based on social constructionalism, children, adolencense, and adults continute to negotiate gender roles as they ____ the mass media a. ignore b. reject c. interact with d. all of the above e. none 7. research on gender socialization shows that a. girls are perceived as delicate and weak b. girls are perceived as cute and beautiful
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5-2-06 last test review - Tuesday, May 02, 2006 Sociology...

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