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EMF 461 “Video Activist Handbook” Response “The Video Activist Handbook”, by Thomas Harding read like a long set of instructions for the entry level video activist. I thought that Harding spent too many pages writing about equipment and techniques that have become obsolete. This edition of the book is only seven years old, yet almost an entire chapter was devoted to the double VCR editing suite otherwise known as linear editing. The cheapest most accessible solution for the beginning activist is a non-linear software system. The topics didn’t seem to hold up to the test of time and it was not as interesting a read as “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television.” There are a few poignant parts of the book that made me think. I believe it was in the foreword where Harding uses a statement that sums up the reason of why one should become involved in video activism. He says that when the public knows the issues “Ignorance can no longer be used as an excuse for inactivity.” This was something that I
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This note was uploaded on 05/04/2008 for the course EMF 461 taught by Professor Glover during the Spring '08 term at Towson.

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gloverVAH - EMF 461 "Video Activist Handbook" Response "The...

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