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Moore 20sec - Shield health card is being held while arm is...

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Video Fade In Outdoor golf course setting, a young male makes final touches before an apparent golf game. Male climbs into golf cart we see him drive off at high rate of speed. Golf cart now traveling uncharacteristically fast and leaps off a stuntman type ramp and through a fiery oval male still inside. Golf cart crashes and rolls almost cartoon- like ejecting the male. Title – BAD IDEA Interior of a medical office, male from golf cart having a large cast applied to entire arm. Camera pushes to outstretched hand of male, Blue Cross/Blue
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Unformatted text preview: Shield health card is being held while arm is being worked on. Title – GOOD IDEA Dissolve to Blue Cross/ Blue Shield logo on black screen. Title – appears with logo, “Get the power of the shield.” Audio Fade In Song “Hurt” by Johnny Cash Music continues. Music builds. Music drops out as the crashing noise of the golf cart is heard. VO – “Bad Idea” Music resumes Music continues. VO – “Good Idea” VO – “Blue Cross/Blue Shield, we’ve got you covered.” 20 Sec Spot Blue Cross/Blue Shield 1...
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