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EMF 100 Focus Ques 1

EMF 100 Focus Ques 1 - EMF 100 Prof Lackey"Focus Q 1 pg 66...

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EMF 100 Prof Lackey “Focus Q. 1 pg 66” In the essay “By Means of the Visible”, Mitchell Stephens examines the claim that the electronic image has affected our nation’s consciousness and caused us to think less effectively. There are four main historical complaints that Stephens explains early in the essay. In the Old Testament of the bible it was written that “Thou shalt make no graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven or on Earth.” The Muslims believe that Muhammed claimed angels would not enter a temple with images present. Stephens writes “Images-easy to understand, fun to look at- inevitably threaten to turn the populace away from the deep cerebral rewards of sacred writings or philosophic discourse.” In some societies, images were feared because of their magic. It was believed that images could preserve the living indefinitely and reanimate the deceased. Images were thought to be inherently unnatural, as they could give you an external perspective of yourself.
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