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Video Audio Fade In Titles Sequence of shots showing CU’s of a newborn age baby. Baby fingers wrapped around the much larger finger of an adult; Babies in cribs in the maternity ward of a hospital; Freshly born baby being wrapped in a hospital blanket by a team of doctors and nurses; Baby nursing from a bottle being administered by a health professional. Dissolve to sequence of shots where babies are crying, crawling, finding their limbs. Music : Inspirational Tune VO : It was a seemingly normal pregnancy for a woman in Fargo, North Dakota. She had strange cravings, gained weight, and encountered difficulty sleeping. When Amy Carlsen showed up for her 2 nd sonogram, she would find out that her pregnancy would be far from routine. SFX : Some natural sound of the video clips will bleed into the VO. Babies crying, makings noises, hospital machines beeping. Sequence of shots showing a pregnant belly, jelly being applied, and the sonogram wand being manipulated onto the belly. Shots of an expectant mother and father during the sonogram watching the grainy images on the monitor. VO : Amy was eager to see how her fetus had been developing since her last sonogram. The expectant mother noticed the technician was paying extra attention to the images. She printed picture after picture of the sonogram monitor and had them sent down the hall to the attending obstetrician. SFX : Room noise from a typical exam room at a hospital; machines beeping, muffled hospital announcements in background. Shots of the exam room which now is populated by more health professionals in lab coats. There are huddled around the sonogram machine and paying little or no Music : Inspirational Music ends with a panicked close. VO : A team of available doctors converges on the tiny exam room. They began to 1
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attention to the mother and father. Those in the lab coats are talking amongst themselves and pointing and gesturing at the images upon the sonogram. confer with each other and hypothesize as to what they are actually looking at. It was nothing that any of them were familiar with, especially not in the sleepy town of Fargo, North Dakota. SFX : Continued noise of machines now mixed with hushed mumbling of a team of doctors. Amy Carlsen talking to off camera interviewer. { Sequence of mixed B-roll laid over top of interview. Push in on still photo of Amy Carlsen in a nurses uniform. Stills of baby shower, and some family photos of Amy and Jesse Carlsen painting the baby’s room. Stills of actual sonogram pictures of the conjoined babies. Generic shots of movement about a hospital of health care providers in lab coats and scrubs. Music : Soft relaxed mood music. Amy : It was February 2005 when I found out that I was pregnant. Jesse and I were so excited to be blessed with a child. It put us in a constant state of happiness. Never did concern ever enter
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ConjoinedScript - Video Fade In Titles Sequence of shots...

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