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1 Astro 102/104 1 Policy on Laptop Use Unless you have a disability that requires the use of a computer for taking notes or attending the lecture, we ask that you do not use computers during lecture. Astro 102/104 2 Lecture #4: Earth, Moon, & Sky I The Reasons for the Seasons: Role of obliquity. obliquity. Why your latitude matters. Why your latitude matters. Timekeeping: Length of the day: Solar vs. Sidereal. Solar Time -- many different kinds! Calendars: Ancient to modern ways of reckoning time. Astro 102/104 3 The Main Point Earth and other planets have seasons if they spin at a tilted angle relative to their orbit around the Sun. Astro 102/104 4 Seasons: Some Observations For most inhabitants of Earth, there are substantial variations in the weather during the course of the year. These variations are more extreme the farther north or south that you live. The weather is opposite in the northern and southern hemispheres. • WHY?
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