Lecture05 - Lecture#5 Earth Moon Sky II The Main Point...

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1 Astro 102/104 1 Lecture #5: Earth, Moon, & Sky II Lunar Phases and Motions. Lunar Phases and Motions. Tides. Tides. Eclipses. Eclipses. Astro 102/104 2 The Main Point The Moon’s size and orbit lead to many interesting phenomena: changing phases, tides, and eclipses. Astro 102/104 3 Phases and Motions of the Moon The Moon orbits the Earth in an inclined (~5°) and slightly elliptical (0.055) orbit about 60 Earth radii away. The Moon's appearance in the sky (its phase ) changes considerably as it orbits the Earth. The result of changing illumination by the Sun. Astro 102/104 4
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