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BA301exam4jep - (management organization goals S.D.W.T –...

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Communication Noise – disruptive perturbations in the channel Receiver – target (recipient) of message Face-to-Face, interactive communication – best form of communication for unique messages (richest channel) One form of aggressive non-verbal communication – pointing One-Way Communication – appropriate method/channel for routine & commonly understood messages Teams Stages of Group Development – Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing “It takes longer” – major disadvantage of team decision making Common Goal – most important characteristic of successful team “highest productivity” – result when a highly cohesive team has goals which are congruent with
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Unformatted text preview: (management) organization goals S.D.W.T. – a team that is in charge of job content Conflict Conflict Situation – where the goals and/or concerns of 2 parties appear to be incompatible Cooperativeness – behavior which is aimed at satisfying the other party’s concerns Compete – conflict resolution mode characterized by maximum assertiveness and minimum cooperativeness Collaboration – conflict resolution mode characterized by maximum assertiveness and maximum cooperativeness When would you Accommodate? (I lose) “You win” – when you are wrong...
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