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Test # 3 Outline - BA Review Sheet Government/Education...

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BA Review Sheet Government/Education Ethics Policies What is the biggest concern in gov. agencies? Ethically & Legally? Misappropriation of funds: -spending tax payers dollars More Concerns: Public Corruption Public Fraud Led to the implementation of: Congressional Ethics Committee Federal Justice Dept. Office of Public Corruption Payroll padding : put family members on payroll, they don’t work – still get paid Bribery Kick-Backs (splitting the % of the cash with someone that helps conceal action) Protecting special interests : companies doing business with gov. agencies Ie. Defense contractors, Transportation; The Federal Highway Bill *Areas of Purchases/ Procurement – very high ethics policies, strict *Individual Employees Biz Good Practices -Environmental -Employees -Stakeholders -Communities Good News: Non-Profit Status = No taxes because seen as serving a public purpose. PSU = no tax There are “impact fees” – such as College Township charging impact % fee on a student ticket. Outreach programs: such as Special Olympics, THON, and Arts Fest PSU would give “In-Kind Services” like the dorms, dining halls, staff at no extra charge.
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  • Spring '08
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, Public Corruption Public, Ethics Committee Federal, Public Corruption Payroll, Government/Education Ethics Policies

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