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Sample Exam Questions

Sample Exam Questions - COMM 100 SAMPLE EXAM QUESTIONS In...

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COMM 100 SAMPLE EXAM QUESTIONS In the article by Dr. Marie Hardin and Erin Whiteside, “Fewer Women, Minorities Work in Sports Departments,” which of the following is true about this article? A. The main methodology the researchers use in this article is content analysis of reporter by-lines in sports stories B. Previous studies and writings showed that underrepresentation of minorities and women occurred in "op-ed" writing positions on the editorial page as well as in sports departments C. Smaller newspapers tended to hire a greater percentage of women for the sports departments than larger circulation newspapers D. The reseachers' survey of television stations reported in this study found that television stations hire more minority reporters than do newspapers E. Both A and B are correct According to Campbell, Chapter 1 ("Mass Communication: A Critical Approach"), which of the following terms BEST characterizes a POSTmodern culture?
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