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Melissa Gautier Midterm Essay 3/20/08 As Benjamin Franklin once stated during the American Revolution, “We must all hang together or assuredly we will hang separately 1 .” To me, this quote shows the sense of unity that true patriots must have shown during this time . Yet it also demonstrates how a country could fall apart if not held together by hope and willingness to succeed . This is just the beginning to what has now become the many differences and similarities during the Revolutionary Era and how it has changed society . During the Revolution, there was the Boston Massacre, the Philadelphia congressional election of 1794, and the issue of female citizenship . All of theses are ideas and examples as to how the revolution may have changed society . The change in society during the Revolutionary Era is thoroughly shown through a variety of political views, social norms, and how many Americans viewed their freedom and independence . There are many discrepancies and relationships when discussing society before, during, and after the Revolutionary Era . It is up to historians to analyze and conclude on whether these changes did or did not help Americans . In many countries politics will always become a sensitive issue . Many different people will have a variety of different opinions on whether being a democratic or a republican . But during the Revolutionary Era there were not democrats or republicans . Instead, there were pro- democratic-republican and pro-federalists 2 . The variety in different political groups comparing to the groups we have today has sufficiently changed . During the Revolutionary Era there were 1 The Electric Ben Franklin: The Quotable Franklin , Independence Hall Association, Http://www.ushistory.org /franklin/quotable/quote71.htm. 2 William Wheeler and Susan Becker, eds., “The First American Party System: The Philadelphia Congressional Election of 1794,” in Discovering The American Past, Vol. 1 (Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 2007), 100 -101.
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Melissa Gautier Midterm Essay 3/20/08 several political changes . Many people felt indecisive on certain situations. This led to a change in political views . For instance, during the Philadelphia congressional election of 1794, many different opinions were brought to mind . There were two candidates in the running. One was Thomas Fitzsimons, who was born in Ireland as Roman Catholic . He served as captain of the Pennsylvania Militia during the revolution . He was even one of the men that signed the constitution . Fitzsimons was also a firm supporter of Alexander Hamilton’s policies on excise tax 3 . The other candidate was John Swanwick. He was born in England into the Protestant Episcopal Church . He was one of Philadelphia’s leading export merchants, was a stock holder and also supported the federal constitution and most of Hamilton’s early financial policies . Swanwick also opposed the excise tax
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Midterm Essay - Melissa Gautier Midterm Essay 3/20/08 As...

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