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Persuasive Speech Outline - Presentation - Melissa Gautier...

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Melissa Gautier April 28 th 2008 Morley – 23 Persuasive Speech Presentation Outline Waste Prevention I. Introduction A. Did you know that the United States produces more waste than any other country in the world? 1. A record of about 236 million tons each year; many products that can be repaired, reused and recycled are thrown away daily. B. The solid materials discarded by homes, offices, stores, schools, restaurants and hospitals are called municipal solid waste. 1. Municipal solid waste can be discarded in four ways; open dumps, sanitary landfills, incineration or composting. All of these four ways of discarding waste directly effects our environment. 2. For instance, incineration reduces the volume of waste by about 90%, but the downfall is that it is very expensive to run and problems can arise from contamination and air pollution. C. My goal, as an environmentalist, is to persuade you into caring more about our environment by helping to prevent municipal solid waste. 1. Specifically, I’m going to share with you the three goals to waste prevention, which is to reduce the amount of waste, reuse products, and recycle materials. D. In regards to the survey I conducted among this class; it seems that although many of you care a lot about our environment, aren’t taking the initiative to reduce, reuse or recycle. Hopefully, in the next few minutes I can persuade you into helping our environment. II. Body
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Persuasive Speech Outline - Presentation - Melissa Gautier...

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