The Monkey - Melissa Gautier English 104; T & TH (9:30...

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Melissa Gautier Hedborn The Monkey’s Paw - Summary 2/12/08 The Monkey’s Paw One of the most interesting stories I’ve read is The Monkey’s Paw by W .W. Jacobs . A story with so many different meanings behind it’s hard to stop reading because you never know where the consequences of your actions will take you . The story begins with a father, Mr . White and his son playing chess next to a cozy fire as the mother, Mrs . White gazes upon them. You begin to realize as a reader how close the relationship is between this family . The story then leads into an older man, Sergeant Major Morris, which has come to visit the family . Sergeant Major Morris then begins to talk about a Monkey’s Paw that he has that is quite magical . He briefly explains how this paw will grant you three wishes but with consequences . He tells you that this paw can fulfill all your desires yet there will be a cost to your destiny . He suddenly throws the paw into the fire and mentions that it is way to powerful . The old man suddenly reaches in and removes the paw from the fire . Mr. White is left with the curiosity of whether or not this paw can really grant him three wishes . Soon after Sergeant Major Morris leaves the family rants about how hilarious these tails of a monkey’s paw are . They think it’s exciting to be able to have three wishes of their own. After a moment of silence the father mentions how he really doesn’t need anything; he mentions how content he is with everything he posses . His son gives his father the idea of
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The Monkey - Melissa Gautier English 104; T & TH (9:30...

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