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The Human Knot – Postmodernist Game Rules: 1. Everyone must cross his or her arms and join hands with another person in the circle. 2. Once joined you cannot let go 3. First person to individually break free or become unknotted with the group wins, but at the expense of others with in the group. One person breaking free does not solve the puzzle solved because success is about everyone becoming free from the knot. The postmodern is a way of recognizing that the world is in a period of transition, much like in the human knot, the participants are in a constant transition. The postmodern is the name given to this space between what was and what is yet to be. The human knot represents a confusion of time and space, characteristic of postmodernism. It also represents a “global village”. By joining hands and becoming a single knot, we become more alike each other. On the other hand, deconstruction seeks to examine a text from all possible perspectives so that individual bits of information are extracted and separated from each other. What this means is
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