Quiz1 answer key

Quiz1 answer key
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Unformatted text preview: Cognitive Psychology (Psy 164-01) Quiz 1 Answer Key Question 1 (1 point) Donders main reason for doing his choice reaction time experiment was to study a. perception b . attention c. decision making d . memory Question 2 (1 point) Reaction time refers to the time between the ________ of a stimulus and a persons response to the stimulus. a. perception b. mental awareness c. disappearance d. presentation Question 3 (1 point) The first experiments in cognitive psychology were based on the idea that mental responses can be a. measured directly b. inferred from the participants' behavior c. measured by comparing the presentation of the stimulus and the participants response. d. measured by comparing responses among different participants. Question 4 (1 point) Which of the following methods was NOT used in the psychology laboratory established by Wilhelm Wundt?...
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