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Lopez Chapter 1 - Reading Reaction Lopez Chapter 1 The...

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Reading Reaction Lopez Chapter 1: The Universe Summary and Reaction: Throughout the first chapter Lopez defines several key elements of the Buddhism universe such as karma, the cosmological system, the difference between fortunate and unfortunate places of rebirth, the doctrine of no-self and, dependent origination . Lopez clearly and concisely describes some of major parts of Buddhist life. Lopez tells the audience a popular creation myth that describes the creation and advancement of human societal life beginning with a fateful taste of a sweet substance. This passage peeked my interests; I feel that you can learn a great deal just by analyzing a certain culture’s creation story. Lopez continues tells of breakdown of human life spans to the point where young children will be fighting bloody battles. I immediately thought of war-torn nations in Africa and movies such as Hotel Rwanda and Blood Diamond that depict innocent children forced to fight terrible wars. Lopez describes reality in the universe specifically the doctrine of no-self. Using
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