P. Reaction paper Mill

P. Reaction paper Mill - with the dead person’s organs,...

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Ethics-Prof. Claudia Mills Reaction Paper Mill Mill is a utilitarianist. Utilitarianism teaches that the greatest good is happiness, which is pleasure. To do the right thing one must make the decision that brings the most pleasure to the most people. Utilitarianism states that acts are right in proportion to how much happiness they bring, and wrong in proportion to how much sadness the may bring. Utilitarian’s rate the happiness of things almost mathematically, claiming one thing over another if it brings a little more happiness. This type of thinking gets a bit muddy when you may consider reading a good book an 8 for 3 hours while sex may be a 10 for 20 minutes, but most people will trade the 3 hours of leisure time for 20 minutes of sex in a heartbeat. Another flaw to this thinking is that people may do the right things with the wrong motives. A doctor may consider letting a wounded patient die to save five other patients lives
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Unformatted text preview: with the dead person’s organs, but decides the benefits of his death wont outweigh the bad effects of him dying so the doctor saves the patient and lets him live. He saves him, but for the wrong reasons. Another example is that of a lynch mob. If a mob threatens to riot unless an innocent man is put to death, the utilitarianist will weigh the death of the one with the death of many. The utilitarianist would also weigh the fact that killing the innocent will weigh the fact that you cannot have a flourishing society built on the death of innocent people. He would choose to let the innocent man live, but because it would bring the best outcome, not because it was morally right. Although there is logic behind this thinking, it is too mathematical, almost cold hearted, for me to fully support....
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P. Reaction paper Mill - with the dead person’s organs,...

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