P. Reaction paper Nietzsche

P. Reaction paper Nietzsche - him. When one acts upon...

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Ethics-Prof. Claudia Mills Reaction Paper Nietzsche Nietzsche passionately argues against the idea of universal standards of morality. He fights against the absurdity of equality and makes logical points of how what is right for one man may not be right for another. Nietzsche goes into detail about how the “lesser” man cannot understand or be expected to obey the morals of the “greater” man. He talks about two different moral systems, a Master- moral way of thinking and a Slave-moral way of thinking. Master Morals make noble thinking a point of glorification. It is explained that the noble man has reverence and respect for all that is severe and hard. He explains how softness is looked down upon, and how those who are fueled daily by their own glory are further glorified. The master morals claim that one only has duties to his equals, and that a person may act however he desires to all that is foreign or inferior to
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Unformatted text preview: him. When one acts upon merely his heart’s will, sympathy and likewise emotional actions take place. Instead of being tough and powerful like the master morals, the slave morals teaches goodness as all the things that help the weak, like kindness, humility, and sympathy. He sums up the differences between the two moralities by stating that a noble man under the standards of master morality instigates fear in the despicable man, while under the standards of slave morality it is always the evil man who instigates fear. I agree with the majority of this morality thinking, but I think labeling it as slave thinking is wrong, because the slave morality seems to be the higher and more upright way of thinking because of its focus on others making selflessness its end goal. In a sense that type of thinking is slave thinking, but it seems derogatory; where it may be the better of the two....
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P. Reaction paper Nietzsche - him. When one acts upon...

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