P. Reaction paper Epictetus

P. Reaction paper Epictetus - the one who makes yourself...

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Ethics-Prof. Claudia Mills Reaction Paper Epictetus Epictetus believes that happiness comes from virtue, which comes from making  correct choices, which comes from makes the best decisions based on the  understanding that we can only control our own decisions and nothing else. Epictetus  goes into detail on this thinking, stating that if you are tortured for information, the  information is not forced out of you, you merely come to a point where the information is  less important to you than the torture is painful, and you make the choice to willingly  turn over that information. Epictetus states that even though the tyrant may take what  he wants from you, he does not take it without your consent. Everything that you do is  your choice; external forces may affect your decision, but you are still the one who  makes that final decision. This type of thinking rings true, because the fact that you are 
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Unformatted text preview: the one who makes yourself act is proof that you could act in a different way in all circumstances, and it is the individual who makes his own decisions, and no one else. Epictetus also talks about what we hold of value. He uses an example of a thief, and how the thief thinks that material objects hold happiness, and by stealing he is increasing his happiness and therefore doing the right thing. He explains that since the thief is blind to what is truly of value, the one who is stolen from should have pity on the thief, not anger. He should pit because, like a blind man will never understand seeing, the thief will never understand and grasp happiness, and is doomed to half a life....
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P. Reaction paper Epictetus - the one who makes yourself...

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