P. Reaction paper Buddhism

P. Reaction paper Buddhism - The beauty behind these...

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Ethics-Prof. Claudia Mills Reaction Paper Neo Buddhism- Shambhala Teachings Shambhala teachings of Buddhism, teaches that every person wants to live a  sane, dignified and confident life, and that achieving this kind of life is not only possible  but a realistic goal that everyone can reach if they strive for it. This state of living is  referred to as “basic goodness.” It is said that the people who developed the Shambhala  teachings, specifically Trungpa and Rinpoche, developed them as a non-religious  presentation of the most down-to-earth fundamental practices of the ancient idea of the  sacred warrior.  I really like and agree with most of the Shambhala teachings. The fact that they  teach to go against habitual actions and to truly see everyday life as it truly is, looking at  it from an unbiased view instead of making yourself the center, makes complete sense. 
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Unformatted text preview: The beauty behind these teachings being open and applicable to all people instead of a specific religious group makes my respect for the teachings sky rocket. It takes away the dogmatic appeal of a specific religion that bases teachings off of stories instead of actual applicability and also lets one decide for ones self what they agree and disagree with about the teachings without having to completely reject or accept the teaching. I love the idea of truly discovering and embracing fearlessness. Being able to truly let fear have absolutely no power or influence on you would truly set all people free from everything holding them back from being exactly who they want to be. These teachings really do seem to have a truth behind them, and enlightenment may be a more solid and real thing than even I may realize....
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P. Reaction paper Buddhism - The beauty behind these...

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