P. Reaction paper kant

P. Reaction paper kant - imperfect duties A perfect duty...

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Ethics-Prof. Claudia Mills Reaction Paper #3 Kant Kant was a famous European Philosopher from the late enlightenment period. He  made the point that each person sought happiness. Unlike Aristotle’s view of virtue  being the sole source of happiness, Kant believed that reaching happiness great varied  from person to person, he also thought that happiness was perceived different from  person to person. This raises a question in my mind, what would happen if people  perceived happiness the same? Is happiness sought differently on an individual basis  because each person thinks happiness is something different, or is there no correlation  at all? This ambiguity would need to be clarified before I decided whether or not I  agreed with Kant. Also, Kant believed that each person had duties to themselves that they must  fulfill as well as duties to others. He greater clarifies that there are perfect duties and 
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Unformatted text preview: imperfect duties. A perfect duty would be to always tell the truth, he states that one knows that always telling the truth is the right thing to do. An example of imperfect duties is an individual striving to greater develop his personal talents, this is imperfect because there could be good or bad motives behind this goal. I disagree with his idea of “perfect” duties. I can think of many situations in which people could lie with truly good intentions. Christian evangelicals are not allowed to evangelize their beliefs in China, but to Christians if someone is not told the glory of Christ they spend eternity in hell. Christians lie to the china government with incredibly pure motives to spread the love of Christ and help bring people to heaven. Kant has many good thoughts, but in my opinion his thinking contains many fallacies....
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P. Reaction paper kant - imperfect duties A perfect duty...

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