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5. Characterize each of the reactions below. As part i) of each, indicate whether the reaction shown is a cycloaddition, a cycloreversion, an electrocylic ring opening, an electrocyclic ring closing, or a sigmatropic rearrangement. As part ii) of each, indicate the number of electrons involved in the process, and whether it would be characterized as 4n or 4n+2. As part iii) of each, IF the reaction is a cycloaddition or reversion, or an electrocyclic process, indicate if
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Unformatted text preview: the conversion shown is a thermal or photochemical process, BUT if the process is a sigmatropic rearrangement, characterize it using the (m,n) designation system. (12 points total for page) a) H H i) ii) iii) b) H H i) ii) iii) c) CN CN i) ii) iii) d) O O CO 2 CH 3 CO 2 CH 3 CO 2 CH 3 CO 2 CH 3 + CO 2 i) ii) iii)...
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