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Bryan Werner CE 336 Section 1 February 13, 2008 Sampling of Aggregate from Stockpiles Sampling of aggregate should never really be conducted from a stockpile. It is always recommended that the samples be taken from a conveyor belt or other means. This is true because when material is piled the courser aggregate has a tendency to migrate to the outside of the pile and can cause poor sampling. Power equipment should be used to sample from a stockpile. The equipment should be used to make a small “sampling pile” that is evenly mixed from the larger stock pile. The a tube with a minimum diameter of 30mm and a length of 2m is to be inserted into the pile and at least 5 increments must be taken.
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Unformatted text preview: If power equipment is not available then the outside “skin” of the pile must be removed to get to a more uniform interior. Then samples should be taken from the top third, middle, and bottom third of the pile. When extracting these samples it is best to place a board into the area just above where the sample will be taken from to help prevent segregation of the material. When taking samples from stock piles or samples in general the thing that needs to be reduced the greatest is bias. It is greatly important to reduce this by obtaining uniform samples. Works Cited ASTM D75-03, “Standard Practice for Sampling Aggregates,” ASTM International...
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