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Dp qualifications - When we are selecting our contractor we...

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Selection of a Design Professional In picking a Design Professional there are different qualifications that you would want to look over. For this job we want our Design professional to have a good background in community development. Also we want our DP to have a long list of references of past jobs and past clients. The DP should also have a good personal background. We would also like the DP to have been apart of a LEED’s project or at the very minimal a small knowledge of what the program is about. We also want our DP to have the ability to be the agent on the jobsite and to help out in picking a contractors.
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Unformatted text preview: When we are selecting our contractor we are going to be expecting the same high level of competence that we expect from our Design Professional. For the contractor we want a long list of past jobs and their past references. Another qualification that we want for our contractor is that they have also done a LEED’s project. It would also be good if the DP and the contractors have worked together in the past so they both have an understanding what is expected from each other....
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