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Rules for  Drosophila  Culture 1.     WASH YOUR HANDS  before and after working with fly cultures. 2.      DECONTAMINATE  your work area with Wescodyne or ethanol before and after you  work with fly cultures. 3.      CLEAN UP ANY SPILLS  (medium, yeast, etc.) after you finish making new  cultures. 4.      RETURN COMMONLY USED ITEMS  (brushes, Flynap, mold inhibitor solution, etc.)  to the common use area. 5.      After using your anesthetizing vial, rinse it well, dry it thoroughly, and place it on the dry  rack by the sink. 6.       DISCARD FLIES IN THE MORGUE , not in the trash! 7.     The fly morgue is filled with mineral oil (really messy) keep the morgue on the paper towel 
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Unformatted text preview: pad to keep mineral oil spills to a minimum. 8. Keep your vials in your basket. 9. DON’T THROW AWAY VIALS OR FOAM PLUGS. 10. When you are ready to discontinue a culture, remove the medium from the culture vial using a wooden tongue blade and place the medium in a paper towel and soak with Wescodyne. Securely wrap the towel around the medium and discard in the trash. Wash the vial well with soap and water using a bottle brush, then rinse thoroughly and place on the drying rack above the sink. Put the foam plugs in the designated container for cleaning and sterilization. KEEP THIS LABORATORY CLEAN !!!!!...
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