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Unformatted text preview: Electrophoresis of Hb Cellulose acetate plates are slowly lowered into the supreheme buffer and soaked for a few mins Take them out and blot them between the blotting sheets We are going to run 4 bld samples 1. normal 2. sickle cell trait 3. C harlem trait 4. cord bld The samples are loaded 8 micro lit each into the loading plate The samples are then carefully blotted onto the cellulose acetate plates using the applicator on to the rough looking side of the plates with the bld samples on the ve end The plates are now placed from the ve end to +ve end on the electrophoresis chamber The electrophoresis is run for 25mins After that we do staining of the plates Staining of the cellulose acetate sheet The electrophoresed plates are arranged in the plate basket and lowered into the PONCEAU S stain and allow it to stain for 5 mins Then destain in 3 sets of 5% acetic acid for 5 mins in each Let the plates dry and observe for the different bld types present in them referring to your manual pg 271 On a white sheet of paper draw the observation of the plate and show the respective bld samples with their bld types and also label the types ...
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