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Unformatted text preview: The Lab Report What I expect INTRODUCTION MATERIALS & METHOD RESULTS DISCUSSION APPENDIX REFERENCES INTRODUCTION Tell me about Drosophila melanogaster. Remember to footnote any references. State your hypothesis Briefly, tell me about the experiment. Tell me how the experiment will test the hypothesis. MATERIALS & METHOD Give a detailed description of the experiment, step by step. Give the composition of any chemicals or media used if possible. If you can't get the formula because the item was purchased, cite the manufacturer. Flow charts should be figures. RESULTS Discuss your findings and show how the data agrees or disagrees with your hypothesis Present all your data in figures. If you present data from another source cite that source. Don't explain your data in the results section, that's for the discussion. DISCUSSION Repeat your hypothesis, and your expected outcome, Explain why your data either supported or disagreed with the hypothesis. Suggest a new hypothesis to explain any significant variations. APPENDIX Place all figures in this section. Since you've kept a record of your experiments you may decide to place this in the report here. REFERENCES List all books, papers or other sources. You need at least 5 citations. ...
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